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Ecodroids is a project that focuses on raising awareness of electronic waste pollution using the technology of WEB3



🛒 Marketplace

Access our marketplace and buy IRL products such as electronic device, Merch, NFT's, & more by utilizing $EWASTE and diverting e-waste to formal collection or recycling centers.

🏔 Community driven Storyline

Ever-evolving storyline, the holders gets to decide what will happen next, incorporating rewards & prizes.

🎮 F2P Game

Use your Ecodroids to explore , compete with other holders, and defend the world of Sphera.

/ Overview


Phase 1: Unfolding 🚧
● Deploying Ecodroids on the Blockchain.
● Once SOLD OUT 3ETH reward for those who minted legendary faction leader 🤖.
● 60% of the total mint will be allocated to the community funds.
● Staking & Marketplace Teaser.
● Team Expansion.
● Total of 5 ETH will be given away for the community.
Phase 2: Commence 🚀
● Staking & Marketplace Launch
● Ecodroids Game Development Teaser
● Ecodroids Merch
● 2nd Collection trailer EcoPets 🐶😻🐻🐼🐨🐷🐮
● Expanding the storyline influence by holders decision making.
Phase 3: Divergence 🤖🛸
● Pre-alpha BETA Game Launch (EXCLUSIVE FOR HOLDERS)
● Introducing more products & services on the Ecodroids Marketplace
● Developing the integration of different NFT Projects in our game.
● Launch of EcoPets 🐶😻🐻🐼🐨🐷🐮
● IRL Events for Ecodroids FAM 💖
● Roadmap V2.0 Release 🏗

Ever-evolving possibilities, as the project lore expands, we will be rolling out new and exciting additional utilities for holders. We are building a project that we truly believe has infinite potential
/ Meet the team
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Lars Wurzel

Co-Founder ● Art Director ● 3D Artist

Working as an Art Director in Ogilvy, currently based in Saudi Arabia.

Social Media:
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Kevin Nisay

Co-Founder ● Lead Dev ● Game Designer

Working as a Senior Front-end Developer at a Digital marketing agency based in Saudi Arabia.

Social Media:
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Troy Santiago

Blockchain Dev ● Lead Game Dev

Senior Blockchain & Unity Developer at a Gaming studio based in Spain

Social Media:
/ FAQ's
What is the mint price?
OG 👑: 0.01 ETH (x1 Maxmint)
WL 🤖: 0.03 ETH (x2 Maxmint)
Public 💰: 0.05 ETH
Ecodroids is a 3D NFT Collection that focuses on raising awareness of electronic waste pollution using the technology of WEB3, That provides the holder with IRL utilities. 🤖💖🎮🌎
5,555 Cute Bubbly Droids 🤖💘
Is there an OpenSea link?
We deployed a Collaboration collection in OpenSea and this is the only Opensea Collection Deployer that we have, other collections are SCAM 🚨
Holders of our Collaboration Artwork will be considered as an OG 👑

Opensea link: Open Here 🤖
Deployer Address: 0xf8e823638488040190fBB1bF931335AFF83BA254
What chain and contract are we using?
Ecodroids will be on the Ethereum blockchain, ERC-721A.
What can my ECODROIDS do?
First things first, they're cute AF 🙈, 2nd you can set it as your lovely PFP 💖

Kidding aside 😁 By owning an Ecodroids you will be given an access in our token gated website where you can stake and earn rewards, purchase products with Real Life Utilities, and it's also serve as your playable character on the game we are developing 🎮.

As we continue to grow and expand the project, holders will have access to more abilities and opportunities.

See you on SPHERA 🌎💘💖
What are secondary royalties and how will they be used?
Ecodroids will receive 5% of all secondary sales. These proceeds will be used to continue to hire and grow the team. Execute our vision for collaborations, building, and deliver even more value to our community.
What IP rights do Ecodroids holders receive?
Holders of ECODROIDS have complete commercial art rights to the Ecodroids they own. More information will be available soon.